5 Heart warming Rom-Coms That Are A Must Watch With Bae!

Know it all in 30 seconds

We are pretty sure you must have watched a few of them, but if you haven’t these are binge watchable right now with your bae! So grab a tub of popcorn and ice-cream and start right away.

1.Notting Hill

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If you believe in “Love conquers all” then this your movie, William, played by Hugh Grant, is a bookseller who falls in love with an American actress named Anna, played by Julia Roberts. The differences, the shuttle behavior and the love will take you along.


Where to watch | Notting Hill


2.The Proposal

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There is a reason we call it Romantic – “Comedy”and this movie stands prove to this. Because of some legal issues, an editor in New York, Margaret, played by Sandra Bullock, who is extremely rude, convinces Andrew her secretary, played by Ryan Reynolds, to marry her. Following it are more and more surprises. The love and comedy in this movie just hits the correct amount. So,ready for a laughter riot then?

Where to watch | The Proposal

3.Pretty Woman

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If Julia Roberts makes an entry into a movie it automatically becomes a rom-com. Pretty Woman where Edward, played by Richard Gere, is a wealthy businessman who hires an escort, Vivian, played by Julia Roberts, for social events. But, as the movie moves and love grows between them it just gets more and more beautiful.Go watch this one and find out what happens!

Where to Watch | Pretty Woman

4.The Fault In Our Stars

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Pain attracts pain, and this movie stands prove to that. Fault in our stars is one of the most loved romantic films in the last 10 years. Hazel and Augustus, two teenagers suffering from cancer. Bumping into each other at a cancer support group and fall in love. And then,love lives on. Ready for a crying session?

Where to Watch | Fault in our stars

5.To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

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To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is a high school romance that sets the bars of relationships high up for Millennials.This movie being Lara Jean, the protagonist’s journey, through a teenage romance, conflicts and family drama! It is so cute, that you want a relationship like this right away.

Where to Watch | To all the boy I have loved before

Bottom Line | So go on get comfy with your bae, and binge watch them all right away!

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