5 Epic Monday Motivation Places In Connaught Place Serving Delicious Waffles

You know what gets us out of bed these days? A warm, fuzzy plate of waffles!! And if you’re just as excited about this as we are, then hold on to something real tight.

I. Wenger’s Deli

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Where | A-18, Radial Road, Connaught Place

Price | Startin’ INR 140

So, you can get your hands on Honey Butter, Peach Waffle & Strawberry Waffle!! <3 Pretty fancy, right? Also, grab hold of their Banana & Toffee, Blueberry and Nutella!

II. Cafe Hawkers

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Where | L-22, Radial Road, Near Odean Cinema, Connaught Place

Price | INR 159

You know, it’s like they said, a waffle a day keeps the doctor away! And since nobody said anything about a dentistwhy not head here every day? You can try their – Chocolate Surprise, Classic Belgium, Oreo Dark Night, Nutella Lovers.

III. Dezertfox

Where | L14, Connaught Place

Price Per Waffle | INR 179

Dezertfox just dropped a brand new menu of waffles for all you foodies! You can drown these in chocolate sauce and maybe top them with berry syrups too. In fact, you can even try their – Nutella, Banofie, Red Velvet & Dezertfox Special waffles.

IV. Creme Borne

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Where | 57, Municipal Market, Connaught Place

Who can say no to waffles when they’re entirely dunked in brownies? Well, for all the sweet tooth junkies out there, Creme Borne is heaven where fantasies DEFO come true!

V. Wowfull

Where | Shop 12881, K Block, Connaught Circle, Connaught Place

Price For Two | INR 250

Offering 11 ravishing flavours of waffles, Wowfull is a small shack cum cafe in the middle of two blocks in CP! Affordable af and dunked in stars & gummy bears, their waffles are an absolute flavour bomb.

So, still reading or going?

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