5 Best Places In Delhi-NCR For Delicious Kakori Kebab

5 best places in Delhi-NCR for kakori kebabs

Honestly, kakori kebabs always leave us stumped time and again! So, we rounded up 5 best places in Delhi-NCR for kakori kebabs that you must keep handy. In fact, if you crave melt-in-the-mouth kebabs – here are the spots our taste buds recommend.

Here are the 5 best places in Delhi-NCR for kakori kebabs:
1. Aap Ki Khatir

Photo Courtesy | Miss Foodie Diaries

Where | C-1/70, PT Narender Kumar Pandey Marg, Hauz Khas

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Price For Two | INR 600

Although Aap Ki Khatir is a simple, unassuming shop, it’s renowned throughout Delhi for its kakori kebabs. They are perfectly seasoned [a tad bit too hot for those who can’t handle teekha, but who cares ;)] and come with a side of spicy chutney. In fact, while these guys don’t have proper seating arrangements, you can continue sitting in your car as everything is brought straight to you!

PS. Don’t miss out on their tandoori chicken, it’s a runaway winner!

2. Majeed’s

Where | Shop 8 & 9, B-7, LSP, Vasant Kunj

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Price For Two | INR 800

So, Majeed’s is actually a fast food corner, and there is no seating arrangement. However, if kakori kebabs are your soulmate then you won’t mind standing around! Their kakori kebabs are succulent and come for different prices, depending on how many are eating.

3. Kitchen of Awadh

Where | A-208, Supermart 1, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon

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Price For Two | INR 1,000

With a humble ambience and wooden seating arrangement, Kitchen of Awadh is an absolute delight. However, unlike most other places we’ve listed, it’s slightly more expensive. In fact, their one plate of kakori kebabs cost INR 325. But that shouldn’t stop you from tasting it, cuz it’s hand down tender with a chorus of flavours.

4. Azam’s Mughlai

Photo Courtesy | Simranjit S. Raina

Where | 1-B, Khan Market

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Price For Two | INR 600

So, the reason you’ll love Azam’s Mughlai is that they offer wicked good mutton kakori rolls. Which, frankly, gets better when you upgrade to the mutton kakori kathi. Excited much?

5. Al Kuresh

Where | 7, Yashwant Place Commercial Complex, Chanakyapuri

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Price For Two | INR 850

Remember those dhaba scenes we used to go for as children? Well, Al Kuresh is exactly like that and sometimes, even better – with their food getting prepped hot and steamy! PS. They also have some fish specials that are only dished out during winters.

So, out of these 5 best places in Delhi-NCR for kakori kebabs, where will you be going?

Cover Image Courtesy | Talking Street

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