You Have To Try These 48 Out Of The Box Dishes At This Cafe In Gurugram!

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Are you always looking for cafes that are more than pasta and pizzas? Wanna introduce your taste buds to new flavours and dishes? Well, foodie buddies, this place in Gurugram serves 48 unique dishes and you gotta check it now!

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What To Expect?

48 Plates in Gurugram has a wide spectrum of dishes. Well, 48 dishes to be more specific and oh boy they all are too tasty that we can’t stop drooling! If you’re a food enthusiast and looking forward to trying something different, this place is a must visit for ya.

What You’ll Love?

Their Goa Chorizo and Bao are big hits among the foodie cult. And their super chill ambience makes customers fall in love with this place. WOWW!

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Bottom Line

Watcha waiting for guys? Head over to this place now!

Where | Cross Point Mall, Gurugram

Price for Two | ₹2,000

Location | Here

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