32nd Avenue, Gurgaon is a Hub Of Eateries But These 5 Come On Top!

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32nd Avenue in Sector 15 of Gurgaon, has streets filled with foodies, friends and fun – possibly amongst the most beautiful, hogwart-esque area in Gurgaon and the bars, cafes and restaurants leave no stone behind in being as unique, beautiful and aesthetic as the building itself. Amidst the array of eateries at 32nd Avenue, these 5 must be next in your list of ‘places to go before I die’

1. CAD Tech Bar

Much like the name suggests, CTRL+ALT+DEL or CAD Tech Bar is indeed techie. The ambience is the primary reason why this Bar steals your heart every single time – the screens on the table turns it into a bar straight out of a science fiction.

Cost for Two | Rs. 2500

CAD Tech Bar in 32nd Avenue

2. Carnatic Cafe

If piping hot food from the south is your jam, this place at 32nd Avenue, elevates it. The delicious, crisp of dosas mixed with the faint smell of frothy filter coffee is a match definitely made in heaven.

Cost For Two | Rs. 600

3. Greenr Cafe

Sustainibility made delicious – these cafe is healthy, yummy and VEGAN! Their Pesto Spaghetti, Smoothies and Potato Wedges are lip smacking without a ton of calories or guilt.

Cost For Two | Rs. 1000

greenr cafe in 32nd avenue, sector 15, Gurgaon

4. Unlocked – Bar.Kitchen.Escape Room

Unlocked shall be your go-to if fun and food is your way of life. After a fun hour at their escape room, fill your stomach with some delish food, if still in the mood of some fun, pick a board game from their huge collection and get playing!

Cost For Two | Rs. 1600

5. RYU Bar

Making 32nd Avenue, a fancy party hub, RYU Bar never disappoints.

Cost For Two | Rs. 2500

Bottom Line

Which one’s the next in your list?

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