Listen Up, Pet Lovers! Delhi Is All Set To Have 3 New 24X7 Vet Hospitals

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Now our ailing furballs need not worry because the Delhi Government is all set to open 3 new vet clinics in the city that’ll operate 24X7! Following the footsteps of their first successful project in January, the government plans on opening more such clinics in different areas of the city.


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24X7 vet facilities are a boon for pet-owners since most of them are either working professionals or are students and don’t get much time on their hand. Majority of vet clinics operate between 10 am to 4 pm which isn’t very feasible for the most public.

Two state-run vet hospitals at Ghazipur in east Delhi and Palam in the southwest will be converted into 24X7 hospitals as well as one will be opened in North Delhi too. Initially, these 3 new facilities will function for 12 hours, i.e, 8 am to 8 pm but once more machinery and staff are recruited then they will become round-the-clock hospitals.

Kudos to this project and hoping many more such hospitals open in other areas of the city as well for our furry friends!

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