200 Men Caught Every Month In Delhi Metro Women’s Coaches

200 Men Caught Every Month In Delhi Metro Women's Coaches

So, studies report that 200 male passengers were pulled out from the women’s coach in the Delhi Metro. And you know what’s really WTF about this? On an average 200 male passengers are pulled out EVERY MONTH!! Yes, people, What The F****!

200 men caught every month in Delhi Metro women’s coaches: The numbers

In fact, sources suggest that 1,592 male passengers were caught and fined till July this year. Moreover, this is a 30% increase from last year.

Delhi Metro reserves the first coach for women and violations cost a penalty of INR 250. However, even after such a hefty amount being charged, 271 & 266 men were caught in the months of February and June respectively.

Kind of a turnoff, isn’t it?

Well, you can read more on this here.

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