17 Types Of Momos *OH YES* And Pizza Momos!!! *DROP DEAD*

We literally found you the best joint in town for momos and you’re gonna love it! And not just momos that you will find in the usual corner of your colony lane. Enter Pizza Momos. Your prayers have been heard people and your dreams have finally come true!

Kingdom of Momos in Janakpuri serves 17 types of momos! In how many ways do they cook their momos? Basically, these guys have 8 different styles of making 3 varieties of momos. So, how does it work? They have steamed, fried and pan fried momos!  They have regular, achari, afghani and creamy afghani momos! AND they have crunchy and gravy momos!

But, of course, the highlight, the feather in their hat is the pizza momos! You can have this bomb type of momos steamed, fried or even pan fried. And the best part? You can even dip it in their sauce which just tastes so freaking delicious!

Where | 13/9 B Block, Choti Sabzi Mandi, Janakpuri

Price For Two | INR 400

Facebook Page | https://www.facebook.com/virgohospitality/

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