If You Are Getting Married, You Might Wanna Have a Look at These Top 5 Makeup Studios In Delhi To Achieve a Perfect Wedding Glam!

If you are going to have a wedding and you have no clue about the good makeup studios in Delhi, you might wanna have a look at these 5 amazing makeup studios for bridal makeup which will help you take your decision. These makeup artists achieve a flawless look in no time and will make you want to look at your wedding pictures again and again!

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  • All the makeup studios listed below are one of the best bridal makeup studios in Delhi and they use the best quality makeup to give you the perfect wedding glam.
  • Since these makeup studios are always in demand due to their excellent work, you want to book your appointment fast ’cause when the wedding season comes up, they are heavily booked!

1. Meenakshi Dutt Makeovers

Meenakshi Dutt Makeover has 2 branches in Delhi, one in Punjabi Bagh and the other in Malviya Nagar. She is appreciated for her makeup skills and is well renowned for her perfection in bridal makeup. She handles all the big functions flawlessly and dolls you up in beautiful dresses. Book an appointment fast ’cause this studio is always on demand.

2. Naina Arora Makeup Artist

There can be no way you haven’t heard about Naina Arora, makeup artist She is one of the most talented makeup artists in Delhi and she uses the best quality makeup like NARS, M.A.C, Stilla, etc. to achieve the ideal perfection. Once you visit her studio, you will want to go there every time!

3. KritiDS

KritiDS is famous for her bridal makeup and unique technique that she uses to apply makeup – Airbrush Technique! She travels to the venue and does family makeup sessions as well for various functions. What more can we ask for when we get to glam up at our own house without any effort, right?

4. Gunjan Monga Makeup and Hair Studio

We definitely cannot miss out on Gunjan Monga Makeup and Hair Studio since her flawless work has always been appreciated by many people. Her studio is in Naraina Vihar and she also travels to the venue with a slight extra charge. All the products used in her studio are high end products with a superb quality which can also be applied using the Airbrush Technique. You definitely want to try this one out!

5. Pooja Goel’s Khoobsurat

Pooja Goel’s Khoobsurat Makeup Studios styles you up in the most glamorous way imaginable which helps you stand out at functions. She also does trendy hair styling sessions which are always up to date without fail. The charges of this studio are very reasonable and the quality is also never compromised.

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