Conquer The Road In Style! 1000 E-Scooters Soon To Hit The Streets Of Delhi

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Got a pash for scooters? We’ve got something awesome to tell you. A year after the rented smart bikes had made their mark, e-scooters are ready to kick in. NDMC is all geared up to pitch a proposal for the implementation of 1000 e-scooters at 100 locations of the capital city.

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The final approval of the proposal is just a stone’s throw away. Once approved, it won’t take more than six months for the city streets to flash with these stupendous motorbikes. The red vehicles are gonna run for 100 km and once fully charged, can vouch to travel at a speed of 45 kmph.  And these will run a longer distance than smart bikes. Cool enough! Right?

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These e-scooters will be unleashed in two phases. The first phase will have 500 e-scooters on rent at 50 stations. The 2nd phase will roll out the remaining 500. The per minute charge of renting these scooters will be 50 paisa, which will hike up to 62 paisa for more than two hours. And there will be two charging stations. Peeps inclined to avail this facility need to sign up for the civic body’s app, NDMC-311.

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It’s time to bring out the rider in you and win the road with these e-scooters.

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