10 Things That Will Only Make Sense To A Delhiite *MIC DROPS*

After living in Delhi for half our lives, there are few things that we are absolutely sure about! So, whether it’s stepping out in the blazing heat or the eclectic feeling when we buy a fake pair of Ray Bans, these 10 things are surely Delhi.

I. Stepping Out In The Sun During Summers

It’s no surprise that Delhi heat is the worse of its kind. And when we step out of our homes, here are the things that go on in our minds:

  1. Abbe BC, Kya Garmi Hai? Why Does God Hate ME? [Note To Self]
  2. Aya Mausam Thande Thande Dermicool Ka – Gotta Buy That Talc, PERIOD! [Note To Self]
II. When DU Cut Offs Are Revealed

So, as if the first cut off list isn’t bad enough, the second and third drive us CRAZY!

  1. BC, First List Mei Na Hua, Jindagi SUCKS [Note To Self]
  2. Beta Tumhara Kya Hi Hoga Jindagi Mei? [Parents To Us]
  3. Arre Suna Hai? Sharma Ji Ke Bete Ka SRCC Mei Ho Gaya! [Irritating Aunties To Our Parents]
III. Ray-Ban Binge Shopping At Palika, Cuz We 2 Cool

Now, this is something none of us can refute doing. When our pockets are light and our dreams are big, there’s only one answer – PALIKA!

  1. Bhai, Kitne Ka Uthaya, Sexy Munda Lag Rha Hai! [Friends To Us]
  2. Saste Log BC [Brand Conscious People To No F**** Given People]
IV. When You Get Stuck In Rain While Club Hopping

Because we’re all ballers and we love taking long rides on the highway, this is an inevitability of LIFE!

  1. Abbe HKV Hi Chal Lete Yaar, Daaru Toh Daaru Hai! [Note To Self]
  2. *HONK* *HONK* Yeh Pakka Koi Auntie Hi Slowly Chla Rahi Hai Gaddi [Everyone To Everyone]
V. When We’re Balling With Friends Or Chilling With Bae, And No F**** Given

Every guy, in Delhi, has faced this at least once and nobody can refute that!

  1. Janta Hai Mera Baap Kaun Hai? [Ballers’ Note To Self]
  2. Traffic? Other Drivers? *Middle Finger* And Drives Off… [Seriously, NO F**** GIVEN]
VI. When We Take Out Our Bikes For The Ride To Work And Back

Regardless of the bikers riding out through the thinnest of spaces in between cars, here are three thoughts we all know too well.

  1. I Can’t Feel My Face In This Wind *WOOHOO* [Note To Self]
  2. Chandu Aa Rahi Hai, Baal Toh Theek Karlu [Note To Self]
  3. Kya Rockstar Lag Rha Hun [*winks* To Self]
VII. Beer? Check! Whiskey? Check! Sasti Daaru? Aur Le Ao BC!

Delhiites love their booze, and sometimes maybe more than life itself!

  1. 4 Botal Vodka, Kaam Mera Roz Ka! [Note To Self]
  2. Vodka Shots? Bob Marley, Hum Na Marley? [Groupie Goals]
VIII. Getting Stuck At Rajiv Chowk Metro Station

No description can ever be good enough to explain how we feel about this!

  1. Daya Darwaaza Tod Do! [Groupie Goals]
  2. THIS IS WAR!!! [Note To Self]
IX. Delhi Winters And That Proverbial Winter Fog

So, the only good thing about Winters in Delhi is that we get to wear all those awesome looking jackets. But…

  1. Aur, Kya Chal Rha Hai? [Note To Self]
  2. Bhai, Idhar Toh Fog Chal Rha Hai 😛 [Note To Self]
X. Driving On Expressways Across Delhi

We all become ballers when we have to drive down the expressways with our friends.

  1. Bhaga Gaddi, 30 Km/hr Pe Kya Chla Rha Hai? [Groupie Goals]
  2. Mah Lyf, Mah Rulz! [Note To Self]

So, Delhiites or outsiders, how many of these can you relate to? 😛

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