Nostalgic Food Items From The Good Ol’ Days

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Are you the one posting “Take Me Back To The Good Ol’ Days” on your stories? Well, you might be missing out on these food items.


Orange Bar

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We all have a thing for ice candies but the orange flavour had a cult among itself and it persists till date.


Candy Floss

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Candy floss is the official name of this dish but not calling it “Cotton Candy” or “Buddhi Ke Baal” is a violation.



Kala Khatta used to be a taste of the elite back in the day and even now we can’t get enough of it. Having sweet flavours on this should be considered a crime already.


Cadbury’s Eclairs

You haven’t lived your childhood enough if one of this didn’t get stuck in your teeth.


Jelly Cups

Just one cup this didn’t use to be enough to satisfy the soul, this is something which never goes bad no matter what flavour you liked.


Bottom Line

You are alive if you still enjoy these silly yet delicious eatables!

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