10 Kinds Of Delhites That Make Delhi, Apni Dilli! Which One Are You?

Know it All in 30 Seconds

Delhi is full of different characters which makes it so beautifully diverse, fun and one of its kind. If you have been in Delhi for over a months, you must have either met, seen or been at least one of these!

1. The Momo Wizard

Can be your personal momo guide throughout the city – from Majnu Ka Tila To Dolma Aunty’s, they know it all and can eat it all.

2. Jugaadu Jaggu

From turning a 20 Bucks Sarojini Kurti into a fashion statement to surviving the week on a 200 Note. Their minds analyse price tags like no math-head ever has.

3. Bullet Raja

Loud & Fast, their pride pretty much lies in their bike’s exhaust.

4. The ‘Bhaya’ Species

The OG South Delhi vibes. Fancy clothes, fancy Hindi.

5. The New One

You’ll find them hopping cafes, sarojini & all that is OG, trying to be as Delhi as they can be.

6. The Aesthetically Nerdy

Always with a book or at a reading cafe with a coffee under the sunlight. Often found scramming through Daryaganj & Book Fairs.

7. The ‘Paisa Feko’ Gang

Found mostly posing with 10 notes of 100 or in an expensive club. “Jaanta Hai Mera Baap Kaun Hai?” is their subtype.

8. The Very Professional Reel-Ers

Their drama button’s always on – a bit too much sometimes. Often found lurking around CP’s Central Park with phone and a weird hairstyle (preferably coloured)

9. All For The ‘Gram

Can be seen posing like a model at Champa Gali or Lodhi Colony. Their ‘Gram is basically their visual autobiography.

10. Tapri Gang

Chai, Maggi and Sutta at the nearest tapri sum up their mornings, evenings and nights.

Bottom Line

Did you find your type?

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