10 Scrumptious Out-Of-The-Box Desserts That You Didn’t Know Delhi Cafes Had To Offer

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Want a little twist to that banal chocolate cake? Wouldn’t mind a little desi-fication of your favorite cheesecake? Or simply bored of the good ol’ gulab jamun? Worry not! We have come up with a unique list of 8 wacky desserts in Delhi to satiate the adventurous foodie in you. After all variety is the spice, or in this case, the sugar of life, right?


1. New York Slice

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Who doesn’t love fried food? And what better than fried dessert! The Oreo Surprise is every food lover’s dream come true, Oreo engulfed in an airy, fluffy, pillowy covering.

#DFDRecommeds | The Oreo Surprise

Where | Hauz Khas

Location | Here


2. Demould

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Cheesecake as a popsicle? Cheesecake as finger food? The future is undoubtedly here! Demould offers a plethora of flavors from Oreo to Salted Caramel Popcorn to Mango, make your pick.

#DFDRecommeds | Cheesecake Popsicle

Where | Sector 3, Rohini

Location | Here


3. Cafe Lota

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Now, this is what you call the ultimate fusion dessert. A fun take on the classic apple pie but only better with our own desi jalebi, this one is a must try!

#DFDRecommeds | Apple Cinnamon Jalebi

Where | Pragati Maidan

Location | Here


4. Pianoman Bakery

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Missing the weekend party scenes on a Monday? Here’s your solution, a little bit of booze mixed in your tiramisu by Pianoman Bakery. Who said you can’t have the best of both worlds?

#DFDRecommeds | Very Boozy Tiramisu

Where | Safdarjung Enclave

Location | Here


5. Bings Café

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A Korean sweet delicacy made with shaved ice, fruit syrups, fresh fruits and what not. Go give it a try because its definitely not your conventional dessert!

#DFDRecommeds | Bingsu

Where | Saket

Location | Here


6. Pa Pa Ya

Image result for chocolate fire dome pa pa ya

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A spectacle in itself, this is chocolate dome like no other. It has a filling of vanilla ice cream with hints of tangy orange. Isn’t your mouth watering already?

#DFDRecommeds | Chocolate Dome

Where | Select Citywalk, Saket

Location | Here


7. Crème Borne

Image result for black swirl ice cream creme borne

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It’s Insta-worthy, funky and absolutely delish, it’s the Black Swirl Ice Cream. Go give your taste buds a ride they’ll never forget!

#DFDRecommeds | Black Swirl Ice Cream

Where | Connaught Place

Location | Here


8. The IceKreamists

Image result for ice cream pizza

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Yes, you heard it right! All your prayers have been answered because The Icekreamists have come up with this out-of-the-box marriage of ice cream and pizza.

#DFDRecommeds | Dessert Pizza

Where | Saket

Location | Here


9. Theobroma

Image result for rainbow cake theobroma

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Do you believe in love at first sight? You definitely will not be able to resist falling in love with this rainbow-colored beauty that tastes just as good as it looks.

#DFDRecommeds | Rainbow Cake

Where | Saket

Location | Here


10. Junglee Billee

Image result for amarkhand with bruleed mango

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This dessert is every mango lover’s dream come true. Classic amarkhand flavours with bruleed mango, topped with vanilla bean ice cream. What more do you need in this scorching Delhi heat?

#DFDRecommeds | Amarkhand with Bruleed Mango

Where | Greater Kailash

Location | Here

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