10 Delicious Street Food Options To Consider On Your Wedding Catering List

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The shaadi is upon us and we can’t stop thinking about what to keep on our wedding catering list. Here are 10  street food options to spice up your menu this shaadi season. 

1. Gol Gappas

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This dish is the showstopper among all the other street food options. One cannot go wrong with gol gappas. The not your usual but chhabe wale gol gappa will definitely leave the baaraatis with mouth savoring aka chatpata aftertaste. 

2. Momos

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Piping hot momos on a freezing shaadi night is one of the best options to consider on your wedding catering list. With multiple varieties from tandoori to afgani; baaraatis will not have a dull moment around. 

3. Palak Patta Chaat

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Aren’t we all tired of eating the same wedding snacks every season? Well, Palak patta chaat is a healthy appetizer to consider on your list and  makes for a great evening snack. 

4. Ram Ladoo

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Ram ladoos are the most basic and delicious street food options to consider on your list.  It’s spicy and savory taste makes for a great crowd pleaser. 

5. Daulat Ki Chaat

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This chaat is a mystical sweet dish packed with a lot of desi flavors. It’s a light foamy chaat decked up with mawa on the top. Daulat ki chaat is a gem of a street food option to consider on your menu this shaadi season. 

6. Sev Puri

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Sev puri, a basic and crispy dish, is worthy enough to be included in your catering list. The mixture on the top of the puri leaves you with a refreshing and tangy aftertaste. 

7. Budi Ke Baal

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Budi ke baal aka cotton candy is an exceptional dessert to be included. The pretty candy colors will surely steal the show away.

8. Chinese Samosa

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The combination of noodles with a samosa is an incredible appetizer to consider. Its spicy and funky flavor makes for a perfect quick grab a bite snack. 

9. Shawarma

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This non-vegetarian street food is a must to be included in your list. A creamy shawarma roll is an easy to eat dish and can be simply served in a wedding. 

10. Bhare Hue Gol Gappe

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One cannot have enough gol gappas. This unusual combination of dahi-bhallas within gol gappas cannot be missed on your wedding catering list. 

Bottom line

Ditch the traditional catering list and add something funky this shaadi season. 

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