Who’s The Boss? 10 Delhi-Based Women Entrepreneurs Who Nailed It With Their Ideas

It’s 2019 already and our society and our sensibilities have undergone a major change. For us, gender sensitivity and gender equality now make sense. You turn your head and women are everywhere. They are law-makers, bikers, boxers, officers and even entrepreneurs. But, this wasn’t the case a few years ago. Business was something that only a man was capable of doing. But, even at that time, there were few women who wanted to be their own bosses and convert their ideas into gigantic business models. Now, of course, we have a series of women entrepreneurs in our country. Here’s a list of 10 Delhi-based women entrepreneurs who told the world ‘who’s the boss’ here!

1. Upasana Taku – Mobikwik

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A graduate from IIT Delhi, Upasana Taku co-founded India’s first mobile wallet and online payment platform MobiKwik in 2009. But this is not her only venture. She also founded Zaakpay, another payment gateway. It was with her husband that she got the much-needed confidence and kept work before anything else. Yea, she even worked on her wedding day. That’s how Mobikwik is what it is today.

2.  Sairee Chahal -Sheroes

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Sheroes is a woman’s community platform, a safe space where women engage around several spheres of life like careers, health, relationships, and entrepreneurship, via communities, expert AMAs and other engaging activities. Community members can also talk to counselors on a secure chat helpline on the Sheroes app and get support on the go. It’s one of the most responsive helplines in the country and it started with this superwoman names Sairee Chahal.

3. Rashmi Dagar – Fresh Menu

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Have you ever thought from where do the freshly-made salads and meal bowls by FreshMenu come to your office? FreshMenu has its own kitchens, a team of expert chefs and a fleet of delivery boys. FreshMenu provides international cuisines at your doorstep in few minutes. Rashmi Daga left her high profile job to become an entrepreneur and started this amazing online kitchen.

4. Vandana Luthra – VLCC

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Who doesn’t know VLCC? It’s a one-stop-solution for every beauty related query, VLCC has a staff strength of over 4,000 professionals, including medical doctors, nutritionists, physiotherapists and cosmetologists. Vandana and VLCC didn’t happen overnight. A homemaker initially, Vandana started her journey in 1989 when the first of her two daughters was only 3 years-old

5. Ria Sharma – Make Love Not Scars

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Inspired to act after making a documentary about acid attack survivors in her third year of college, Ria Sharma founded Make Love Not Scars. Her organization specializes in providing medical, legal, educational, vocational and psychological rehabilitation services for survivors of this appalling crime.

6. Neha Arora – Planet Abled

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Neha Arora, an engineer by education, set up Planet Abled that creates tailor-made tours and heritage walks for the differently-abled. For her, the inspiration has been personal as her parents are disabled. With her dedicated team of five on the job, as well as the assistance of keen volunteers, Arora has been able to arrange some memorable trips for her “special” clients

7. Shivani Poddar – FabAlley

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A topper for three years at Hindu College, DU and an M.B.A from FMS, Delhi, Shivani Poddar left her Perfect career to start her own label, Faballey. The idea was to start a clothing line that made luxury clothing affordable.

8. Tanvi Malik – FabAlley

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An Economics graduate from Lady Shri Ram college, D.U, Tanvi co-founded FabAlley with Shivani Poddar. The entire website is her creation and she is the design head at FabAlley. She basically makes sure that the designs are edgy and different enough to stand out.

9. Supriya Paul – JoshTalks

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Heard about Josh Talks? Yea, well! Supriya Paul is one of the minds behind the concept. She founded the platform of Josh Talks at the age of twenty-something and still continues to inspire the world even today. She looked at the world differently and that is how ‘Josh Talks’ began.

10. Richa Singh – YourDOST

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Richa is working towards breaking the stigma of mental illness with her emotional wellness platform ‘YourDOST’. Understanding that many people fear to talk about their issues due to social implications despite undergoing immense stress, she has created this platform where one can seek support from experts such as psychologists, psychotherapists, and mental wellness coaches.

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