10 Bookstores And Markets In Delhi Every Book Lover Needs Know Of

10 Bookstores And Markets In Delhi

So, here’s some good news for bibliophiles! We’ve created a checklist of 10 bookstores and markets for y’all to check out today!

Let’s start with our favourite markets, shall we?

1. Shankar Market

What to expect at Shankar Market

Shankar Market is probably one of the oldest hubs for book lovers to snag some old copies of classics. The shops here sell individual books or, if you want, you can even buy books here by the kilo!

What we like about Shankar Market

So, the great thing about the book stores here is that they offer a wide range of classics. In fact, many of them are ones that we haven’t even heard of before. You can grab a Fredrick Forsyth book or maybe Shantaram.

2. Kamla Nagar

What to expect at Kamla Nagar

Being one of the hubs for students to buy college related books, Kamla Nagar market is often overlooked when it comes to good reads! Also, shops here sell individual books and a set of books by the kilo.

What we like about Kamla Nagar

Unlike Shankar Market, Kamla Nagar market also offers some of the best classics, however, the shops here also offer course books. In fact, all of them are sold here for dirt cheap prices!

3. Daryaganj

What to expect at Daryaganj

For the indigenous people of Delhi, this place is no secret! Daryaganj has a Sunday Market that offers books in the thousands. It’s literally the ONE & ONLY paradise for bibliophiles!

What we like about Daryaganj

So, the great thing about the Sunday Market at Daryaganj is that you buy dozens of books at DIRT CHEAP prices and by the kilo! It’s unlike anything you will find in Delhi and India.

Well, now that we’ve covered some of our favourite book markets, how about we dig into the book stores?

1. Bahrisons

What to expect at Bahrisons

Bahrisons is probably one of Delhi’s oldest bookstores and they got IT ALL! Quite literally!!

What we like about Bahrisons

So, while Bahrisons offers books on the more expensive side of the spectrum, their collection is absolutely amazing! They have books on everything – whether it’s fiction, non-fiction and even biographies etc.

2. Oxford Bookstore

What to expect at Oxford Bookstore

The Oxford Bookstore functions as both a store and library. You can sit here, buy your books or pick one from their shelves and sip on coffee while reading. It’s one of the finest libraries cum bookstores in Delhi.

What we like about Oxford Bookstore

The great thing about Oxford Bookstore is that they have rows and rows of books just staring at you. Wanting to be picked up and bought or read! You can find your childhood memory books or even some classics and new publications.

3. Midland

What to expect at Midland

Midland is a small shop in Hauz Khas, however, it has shelves full of books! In fact, on a good day you might find books literally falling from their shelves. Don’t get us wrong, people do buy them but they just keep filling their coffers with more and more!!

What we like about Midland

So, the great thing about Midland is that it offers books on the sasta! Moreover, while you can’t grab a few by the kilo, you can score some of the finest classics, new publications and everything in between!

4. Om Bookstore

What to expect at Om Bookstore

Om Bookstore in Saket is heaven for all South Delhi peeps! These guys have a huge store that houses some of the best books you can get your hands on, PERIOD!

What we like about Om Bookstore

They offer books that never seem to grow old! In fact, their collection is absolutely stunning, to say the least! You can find all sorts of books here and even place an order if you feel like it.

They don’t usually do that but a genuine and sweet request goes a long way!!

5. Anil Book Corner

What to expect at Anil Book Corner

Tucked away next to the PVR Plaza in H Block, Anil Book Corner is the perfect place for budget readers. Moreover, here you will get the chance to buy, use and reuse the books that number in the hundreds.

What we like about Anil Book Corner

These guys allow you to resell the books you’d bought from them, of course, for a small amount as payback.

6. New Book Land

What to expect at New Book Land

This is probably one of the coolest places to buy books from! The store is a circular structure and it offers scores of books that just sit there waiting for you to grab ’em.

What we like about New Book Land

They have several offers going on days after days! In fact, you can get BOGO deals, a discount of 20% and maybe, you’ll even find a rare book here. Who knows?!

7. Full Circle

What to expect at Full Circle

Full Circle is one of the Delhi’s finest book stores. In fact, these guys have racks of specialist books on the city, plus novels and kids’ books.

What we like about Full Circle

So, the great number of books these guys have makes it an inescapable bookstore. They offer great discounts and even have an attached cafe, Cafe Turtle.

8. Paramount Book Depot

What to expect at Paramount Book Depot

Paramount is a precious little bookstore in Janpath. Their shelves are almost always stacked with biographies, autobiographies, fiction and non-fiction. In fact, these guys even have a display board for children’s books.

What we like about Paramount Book Depot

They have plenty of books and for all ages. So, whether you still love reading children’s books or the some of the heavy stuff, these guys are your go-to place!

9. Jain Book Agency

What to expect at Jain Book Agency

Many consider Jain Book Agency to be the oldest book agency in Delhi. In fact, many of its patrons have been coming here for last 50 years. They have stacks of books that literally blow a person’s mind across two floors.

What we like about Jain Book Agency

So, the great thing is that it’s always soaking in traditions. You can still find a quiet corner here and read the day away!

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