10 Best Places Serving Satisfying Navratri Thali In Delhi This Year

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Navratri is around the corner and we know it gets difficult to eat food without onion and garlic. But the food that is served at this time is indeed lip-smacking and we know how much y’all love sabudana tikkis and vadas. Here’s the list of places you can check out for a wholesome sattvik thali!

1. Imly

Best Navratra food at Imly - Rajouri Garden - WithPunita

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Oh! This looks so wholesome and delicious. For Navratri, restaurant is elevating its standard with special thalis that will have banana chips and papdi chaat and what not!

Where | Multiple outlets

2. Sattvik

Five course Navratri Thali @ Sattvik

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Sattvik is one of the finest vegetarian restaurants in the city and their navratri menu is ah-mazing! There is so much variety from mango shake to singhare ki sabzi!

Where | Sector-6, Pushp Vihar

3. Punjab Grill

Navratri Special Menu at Punjab Grill - HospiBuz

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It is definitely a go-to eatery for north indian cuisine in Delhi and you can enjoy their navratri thali with punjabi songs in the background, so what are you waiting for?

Where | Multiple outlets

4. Gulati

NAvratra Khaas Thali - Picture of Veg Gulati, New Delhi - Tripadvisor

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Not just amazing butter chicken, this place has a lot to offer and best navratri thalis has to be on the list. They have been celebrating Navratra Food Festival for over 25 years.

Where | Pandara Road Market

5. Sodabottleopenerwala

Navratri special: These restaurants in Bengaluru are serving vrath special  dishes and thalis

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This beautiful thali filled with so many colourful dishes, how can this be boring? Sodabottleopenerwala serves so much variety that you might end up overeating on the day of your fast, but that will be worth it!

Where | Multiple outlets

6. Bikanerwala

Enjoy Delicious Vrat Ka Khana At This Restaurant in Gurgaon | We Are Gurgaon

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How can we miss out on this one? This place has so many outlets and they serve amazing north indian thalis and they have so much variety on navratri as well! So, do check this one out y’all!

Where | Multiple outlets

7. Haldiram’s

Navratri Thali - Picture of Haldiram's, Connaught Place, New Delhi -  Tripadvisor

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Haldiram’s legacy of serving navratri thali is crazy and we love the quality and quantity of food that is served at this place!

Where | Multiple outlets


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