07 Lavish Caterers To Approach For Your House Party

Know It All In 30 Seconds

We’ve got you covered with all the major and only the best catering services in the town for you to enjoy every moment of your house parties and leave the work to these companies.


1. The Kitchen Art Company

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The company brings you flavors from around the world to cater to your gastronomical needs for parties of every size!

Phone: +91 9717093533-34-35-36

Website: tkac.in


2. Cream of the Crop

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The company has its forte in catering services across Delhi. They provide savory Indian and International foods to satisfy everyone’s taste buds at your house party.

Contact: +91-9910013372, info@cotc.in

Website: COTC.in


3. Fossetta Gourmet Catering

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Fossetta Gourmet is a luxury catering company bringing exceptional service for the past 40 years in Delhi/NCT & Chandigarh. They offer a wide range of menu selections across all cuisines and tastes.

Phone: +91 9577660033, +91 9999850265, +91 9811747715

Mail: info@fossetta.in

Website: Fossetta.in


4. The Fork

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The Fork is a catering service provider with exclusive menus to cater to all your house parties and small event needs.

Phone: +919718525601, +919958032617

E-Mail: thefork16@gmail.com

Website: https://thefork.co.in


5. Catering Vala

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This company is a super-premium yet affordable catering service provider for all your party needs & of all scales. Its forte is in serving exclusive Indian food.

Phone: +91-9810480380, +91-8076381069

E-Mail: cateringvala.contact@gmail.com

Website: www.cateringvala.in


6. Karachi Caterers

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This company is catering to its customers since 1955 for social and corporate gatherings among others. They serve European, Oriental, Asian, Mediterranean, Regional Indian & Frontier cuisines.

Phone: +91-9810116985, 9810816985, 9810486985

E-Mail: info@karachicaterers.com

Website: http://www.karachicaterers.com


7. Get Your Menu

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They provide you with an exclusive range of amazing widespread delicacies from all around the world for your parties of all sizes.


E-Mail: sales@getyourmenu.in

Website: http://www.getyourmenu.in


Bottom Line

Here’s to a portion of delicious food to make your parties memorable.

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