0124 Bar Exchange In Ggn Is Hosting A Rad Holi Party W/t Beer Startin’ INR 50!

Where | 224, Second Floor, Good Earth City Centre, Sector 50

When | 1st & 2nd March

Timings | 08:00 pm onward

Price For Two | INR 1,500

Facebook Page | https://www.facebook.com/0124barexchange/

You know what’s really amazing about Holi? You can drink a gallon of beer and nobody will be the wiser, ’cause everyone will be drinking! So, guess what? We found you a bar exchange in Gurgaon where drinking is not just permitted this Holi, it’s encouraged!

Photo Courtesy | Akshita Bindra

0124 Bar Exchange is not your usual place to party at. The game changer bar has a rooftop, a gorgeously rustic look & some of the finest drinks we’ve had in a while! Moreover, what’s really getting us excited about them is that they offer beer startin’ INR 50. *fun times*

Moreover, the bar exchange also has some delicious food specially prepared for Holi like Gujia! Now, we know how all of you love everything sweet! So, why not grab your plate asap and party like there’s no tomorrow!

Cover Image Courtesy | Source

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