Smoke Free Diwali This Year. Firecrackers Banned In Delhi!

Nishtha Sharma

Staff Writer

Aftermath of last year’s Diwali was something no Delhiite can ever forget. It was a nightmare! The entire city was covered in a blanket of smoke. Keeping that in mind, Supreme Court banned the sale of firecrackers in Delhi NCR ahead of the annual festival on 19th October’17. 

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Firecrackers will not be sold in Delhi NCR as Supreme Court has restored the ban of their sale till 1st November. The court today said they want to test the air quality after Diwali as the festival from years has been celebrated all across the nation by bursting crackers. Though the ban is a drastic step and will impact the livelihood of all the firecracker manufacturers. But as the ban is for a limited time period they said the ban is ‘well-reasoned’.

The festival leaves the air in Delhi with deadly smog and suspended particles and residents complaining of breathlessness and lung difficulties. Last year’s Diwali, the pollution level in Delhi was said to be the worst in 10 years.

Guys, everything happens for the best! o:)
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