A Date With The Ghosts!? 5 Haunted Houses In Delhi Perfect To Scare The Beejesus Out Of Us!

Haunted Houses

Have you ever wondered about how it would be to go on a date with ghosts? Take a look at this list of top 5 haunted houses in Delhi where you are bound in for the craziest ride of your life!

30 second window: 

  • This list of the top 5 haunted houses in Delhi are fun for kids and adults both, therefore you can plan a family outing on a weekend with everybody!
  • The price of the tickets are not at all costly so don’t worry, take your close ones out for a treat.
Scary House – Kamala Nagar

If you are planning to visit this haunted house which is situated in kamala nagar, you may want to leave your friends behind who have heart issues, because this one is gonna scare you to your bones! Even tho we all know that they are just humans with makeup on who try to scare us, the Scary House always succeeds in doing this task without a fail guys.

Haunted House – Rajouri Garden

You are in for a real scary adventure if you ever decide on going to this haunted house. It has the most insane lighting and props that will leave a chill down your spine. The dim lighting makes it even more exciting for you; along with the frightening surprises that this place is full of, but don’t worry it’s really fun y’all.

Funky Kingdom – Ghost House – Kirti Nagar

Funky Kingdom is a play area of kids in Kirti Nagar where this haunted house is made specially for kids. They have skeletons floating in the air and you will often come across statues, without a head! Imagine how fun this haunted house would be if it already sounds so thrilling.

Royal Adventure Group – Janakpuri

Royal Adventure Group in Janakpuri is a big famous spot for all the adventure seeking people in Delhi. Look out for this place, ’cause this one has got some really scary features trapped inside it. Get ready for the most entertaining walk of your life!

Bonzai – VS3 Mall

If you see a skeleton sitting on the ticket counter, then you know that this place has got to be it! Bonzai is in the VS3 Mall of Delhi and has a haunted ride waiting for you. The tickets are not at all costly, and you can make a plan of visiting this place even with your kids. It has 3D chairs with special smoke, water and scents effects with many other features.

DforDelhi recommends: 

  • That you put on your seat belt and get ready to visit these top 5 haunted houses in Delhi for a scary little adventure. What say?

So, what are you waiting for? Head to any of these haunted houses in Delhi with friends & family and have a scary good time!

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